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Where to Get Money

In this article, you will know where to get money for your business if you really need investments.

Having Business and Having No Money

We suppose that if you have chosen the article to read by its title, you really need money for your business. Here you can figure out where you can take them. There are different situations for which the owner of a startup, company or trademark need money.

  • Probably you want to make a global one from the local startup.
  • There is the situation when the companies that exist for a long time have some troubles with money flow and need some investments to longer their existence.
  • Perhaps, you have a team and unbelievable idea for the implementation of which you need some financial support.

All things in life can be yours just in case you show people that you are exactly the one whom they have to help. It does not mean that you should stand on the street with stretched hand or to borrow from relatives. To get assistance on this topic, you can also go to

Where to Get Money


The first way to get money is crowdfunding. Nowadays, it is a popular procedure which can be brought to life only by the joint efforts of people who are interested in the development of one sector.


The community willingly funds in projects they think should be implemented into life. As a rule, such communities help people who are affected by natural disasters, unstable social and political relations and small companies.

The Use of Crowdfunding for Startups

Talking about startups, small business we should admit that mainly people from crowdfunding invest into innovative projects that somehow try to make social life better.

If you have a startup and want to get money through crowdfunding, firstly you have to declare the purpose of your project. It should be admitted that such way of investment is possible in case you run a clear business without any financial practices. By the way, on the platform, you must determine the sum of money you need and give the detailed report on where each dollar will go. Crowdfunding is a way for business which is ready for the open database.

Choose the Type

There are different types of crowdfunding platforms. On one you get small donations from individuals, on other the names of donators are publicly identified. Sometimes startups which ask for a donation give some external things in return. For example, if you are going to open a co-working space, you may give to your donator a pass to it or a subscription.


Sponsorship is a less democratic way to get money for your project. If you use crowdfunding, actually you pay people who donate you with bringing your project to life. They give you a financial belief in your business and in future you give them the real possibility to use it. However, during sponsorship a list of responsibilities and nuances occur about you should know before to take money from the pocket of a rich person.

Who Can Be Considered a Sponsor?

A sponsor is a person or a group of people who are ready to give a financial support. Such person can not only give money but provide the one who needs with certain equipment. For example, you are going to make an animal shelter and one of your sponsors can provide your business with fodder. In another case, the sponsor may ask for the return of money and percentage from sales. All things of a similar character are discussed during the signing of a contract. Sometimes sponsor wants to own the part of your successful production, and in the future becomes the shareholder.

Taking Credit

The most old-fashioned way to get money is to take a credit from the bank. For the procedure, like in crowdfunding, you should give to bank worker all the legal papers and need documents to confirm your financial stability. There are different banks, which may give money or not to a small business. Everything depends on the state economy and government decisions about the small business support.

You should remember that in a lot of countries, if you are a state employee, you do not have the right to own a private business. If you are already working on yourself or on other private company, you should have a salary that is high enough.


We do not talk about how difficult is to work and build your own project, but it is really hard. By the way, in crowdfunding and sponsorship, you do not have to remember about dates of payment. However, when you have a deal with governmental structures and banks, it is necessary to remember all necessary information not to lose the strand of the coil.