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Most Popular P2p Payment Apps Around The Globe

What is P2P payment?

Person-to-person or peer to peer payment is basically electronic money transfer made from one person to another through an agent. Such payment transactions can easily be made via mobile devices, personal computers or international money transfer app by using secure and high speed internet connection.

Since P2P payment apps are offering a convenient substitute to traditional money transfer methods, you should always choose a best and trustworthy P2P payment app for transactions.

Popular P2P payment apps

When it comes to perform peer to peer payment or transfer, all you need to install a best P2P payment app on your smartphone and link it to your bank account or credit/debit card. But, can you trust all p2p payment apps around the globe? A big no. That’s why we have listed some most popular P2P payment apps below to help you choose a best one either for personal or business use.

P2p Payment Apps


ClearXchange is one of the best person to person money transfer app that can easily be connected with a US bank account to get started. All you will need to execute a payment transaction is email address & phone number of the person to whom you want send money.

If you are receiving money via clearxchange, you will receive an email message or text on your mobile phone when money sent to you via P2P payment.


Whether you want to send money a friend living abroad or to pay for an online purchase, circle would be the best option to send money anywhere around the world by using a mobile number or email ID.

Just link your Circle app account to your credit or debit card and send money where you want. iMessage app also enables you to put in money with your messages and let send it to anyone living in any corner of the world.

Facebook Messenger

A well known mobile app that every facebook user has. Yes, you can also use Facebook messenger to carry out a P2P payment transaction because Facebook offers friend-to-friend payments. Sender and receiver of the money should register debit cards with facebook account to send or receive money worldwide. Due to millions of users, it would be easier for you to send money overseas by using Facebook messenger app.

Google Wallet

It could be the single solution for all your money and cash related issues. Google wallet not only makes you able to purchase stuff in stores and online, but also enables you to send money to your loved ones all around the world.

Both parties will need to be registered with Google Wallet in order to carry out a peer to peer transaction.


As PayPal is considered as one of the most commonly used and reliable ways to make payments online, now by using PayPal.Me, you can share PayPal links for easy money transferring among friends or family members.

According to the latest stats, PayPal has 190 million active accounts that make it easier than ever to make P2P payments worldwide.

Square Cash

Square cash is the most versatile P2P payment system to send money your friends or family. If you have square cash account, there will be no need to use an international money transfer app because it enables you to send money via official website, app, email ID, iMessage, Apple Watch, Siri or Snapcash etc. The recipient must have a US bank account in order to receive money via square cash.


Snapcash is another popular P2P payment app which is making money transfer easier for its users. As Snapchat has signed a contract with Square to develop Snapcash, it can be a reliable, fast and fun way to send money to your friends, family or vendors.

In order to send money via snapcash, you will type an amount (you want to send) into a Snapchat message and then tap a green Snapcash button to perform the quick and secure P2P transfer.

If receiver has linked his or her debit card to the snapchat account, the amount will automatically be transferred to the bank account. If the account owner doesn’t have debit card, he/she will have 24 hours to claim that money, otherwise it will be transferred back to your account.

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