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Not all people are gifted with the skills to draw or paint well, but that’s no reason for someone to curtail their creativity! Neither is it an excuse to never attempt to be artistically inclined, as the world is full of beautiful things that act as visual inspiration to everyone. Sometimes you may have an idea in your mind to draw or paint something but you may not possess the skills required to materialise this on paper. But it is indeed a misconception that drawing skills are inherent and cannot be acquired. In the growing art and creative media industry, nearly everyone has practiced and learned this skill, because it is always a good training that contributes to a good talent. Hence, drawing lessons are not a far-fetched option and can actually add colour to your life!

What kind of drawing lessons are available?

Draw with Drawing Lessons

While traditionally, a lot of people run and prefer going to actual drawing classes, new trends of various kinds are coming up every day. There are two main options you are given if opting for drawing lessons, one being offline and physical training, and the other being online tutorials. For someone looking for a more professional and practical training in a specific kind of art and can afford to travel to art classes generally opt for the former. That also bears with it a higher cost and expense on specific kinds of drawing material, but definitely offers a closer scrutiny towards the progress of the student.

When opting for online tutorials, there are a lot of benefits depending on the kind of lessons one is looking for. Online lessons are great for people looking to take up art as a hobby but do not have the time or resources to attend proper classes. There are three categories of tutorials available online:

  • Step by step instructions, that let you learn new skills at your own pace. This is generally recommended for beginners as it gives an extensive overview of how to perfect each step.
  • How to draw for beginners, which is an even easier approach to teaching each step as intricately as possible.
  • A photo of video enabled tutorial is probably the easiest way of receiving detailed information and a visual aid to learn something. Visual aids are known to be the best teaching tools and ensure most retention.

There is a plethora of online drawing lessons available for a keen learner, in different categories. One could choose to learn figure sketching or scenery painting, you could go for watercolour or plain sketching. These lessons are mostly available free of cost, but more expert level and thorough tutorial options may be available for a small price.

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