Finance as the Matter of Business Management

Finance is a field that is used by different business entities to describe management, the creation of funding sources, and studying money.This area can also be used to offer credit as applied to various banks and organizations, as well considering the investments and liabilities in a business firm. This process makes up a financial system that every business financial institution acquires to run its activities. The process is fundamental because it incorporates different factors such as banking, investment, the available asset, and liabilities which are used to execute the business successfully.

Categories of Finance

Finance can be sub-divided into three broad categories that include public finance, personal finance, and corporate finance. Another type arises but it is not commonly used, and that is the social investment. This kind of funding involves group finance which becomes uneasy to manage because of ideological differences. These differences exist because of different personalities that people in group possess. It is also important to study behavioral finance because this majorly aims at learning more about the common human behaviors. These actions can impact the business positively or negatively.

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Business Management

Types of Finance

Public finance is a kind of revenue that belongs to the government of the country. This money can be the expenditure of the government or the collections the government makes from the existing businesses within the state. Public finance may include debt, budget procedures, tax collected, and the stabilization policy. The government prevents failure of markets by ensuring enough fund is pumped to different institutions and business entities that make it easier for a business to run efficiently. The funding of various business entities is secured through taxation, borrowing money from banks, and other reliefs from other governments.

Corporate finance includes strategizing on ways to manage the liabilities and assets as well as managing the debts and revenues in a business organization. The business investment acquires money by some forms ranging from investments to credits received from a variety of investors.

Personal finance is a type of investment which is responsible for defining the financial decisions as well as the individual or personal activities. These activities include personal budget, mortgage planning, paying school fees, buying durable goods, own savings, and the retirement benefits that one receives from the government. It is important to note that planning of personal finance depends on one’s knowledge to analyze it critically and the current financial state of the family.

An individual should also be able to predict those needs which are for a short while and those who are for a long while. This kind of prediction will help an individual to give priorities to critical needs suspending others until an appropriate time reaches. Personal matters of finance are important because they help an individual to do thorough planning before deciding on expenditure. As much as these personal issues are important, they should not limit a person from purchasing whatever they want.

Social finance can be used to refer to the kind of investment made in social businesses as well those investments made in charitable organizations. This type of investment includes microfinance segments like loaning money to small businesses hence, enabling them to grow. This company will allow local societies to improve and reduce the crime rate in our communities.

Roles of Finance

It is evident that current financial institutions have facilitated faster growth of the economy. Without enough money, a state cannot manage itself effectively.  This idea should propel every free mind to think about starting a business. These private firms will help in raising the living standard of an individual. This action is the event in the most developed countries where lifetime remedies has been found to eliminate crimes. Technology plays a significant role in educating the public on different ways of earning legally. Due to mass media, many people have learned several ways to solve problems in the society which has to a creation of some revenues besides the common source. Third world countries have been supported greatly by developed countries to grow economically, and therefore more reliefs have been received to curb the poverty rate.

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